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Caldwell Electrical Contractors, Inc. has been designing, installing and programming Lutron Lighting Control systems for over a decade now. Lutron is the world wide leader in lighting control for both artificial lighting (light bulbs) and natural lighting (sun light).

Lutron's business started with the original invention of the solid state dimmer in 1959. They evolved from the invention of the solid state dimmer to the world renowned lighting control systems that are used in everything from your standard Residential Home to the largest sky scrapers in the largest cities in the world. The whole purpose consumers use lighting control systems are for ease of use and for energy efficiency. Just imagine pressing a "Good Night" button at your bedside, your whole home transforming and checking if all your closet lights and other lights are off. Lighting Control transforms homes and saves money.   

Lutron was the first in the industry to invent the "Quiet Drive" EDU motor. "Quiet" is a huge feature that just was not available at the time, which means no more LOUD motors as your shades raise and lower. All you hear is the fabric itself as it rolls up and down. Couple the electric shades with a Lutron Control Processor and you get astronomically controlled shades that will raise and lower depending upon the suns location.

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