Private Home Theater

Private Home Theater

by Caldwell

Private home theater is a new level of entertainment. These rooms are where your family will spend quality time together, and that’s something we take seriously.

Private theaters can be truly customized, seating anywhere from two people to small families to large groups. Your  private home theater should be designed and tailored to your family and your style, not a “theater in a box” gimmick. We provide complete design, acoustic isolation, soundproofing, visual engineering, acoustic engineering, and more.

Sound Isolation for Private Home Theaters

How Wall and Ceiling Sound Isolation Works

Sound travels through drywall along common studs. Sound isolation, the most effective form of soundproofing available, works by “floating” a mounted wall over the studs using thick steel strips. These steel strips have a channeled shape and varying holes along the side. One “leg” of the steel strip is attached to a stud, while the other floats freely. The channels are attached to the frame of the wall (or ceiling) and the drywall is attached to the channel.

By using this layering technique, sound isolation works by creating a space between the drywall and the studs. There are no common studs for sound to travel along, stopping the transfer of sound waves. Another reason why sound isolation is the most effective soundproofing method is that the air space between the wall or ceiling is increased. A vibration isolation material can be installed in this air space to trap the noise sound waves. Also, sound isolation provides increased flexibility of the structure. Sound has a more difficult time traveling through flexible materials.

No Private Home Theater System Design is too Big for Caldwell.


Caldwell is an Authorized dealer for Sony and Samsung Audio/Video products.

  • Bring the immersive excitement of a true 4K movie theater into your home

    Looking for a home theater projector? For years, Sony has been perfecting digital projection in movie theaters across the globe, and our premium 4K and HD home projectors let you bring that advanced technology home. No other brand comes close to our experience from decades of making movies, entertainment, cameras, and projectors — that’s how Sony lets you experience your favorite media the way the creators intended.

  • The 4K Experience

    Moviegoers have long known that a bigger screen makes for a more thrilling experience. But in a home theater, increasing screen size quickly reveals the imperfections of High Definition (1920 x 1080) resolution.

    With stunning 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 or greater), detail is strikingly sharper, even on screen sizes up to 200 inches. The 4K difference is something you can literally feel, giving you a more lifelike, compelling, engaging movie experience.

Home Cinema

At Stewart Filmscreen, we manufacture truly professional screen products which are also utilized in residential theaters.  

THX and ISF certified.

People who know motion pictures prefer Stewart projection screens because they want to enjoy the best possible picture—accurately vibrant color, sharp contrast, and rich detail. In fact, filmmakers have long relied on Stewart screens in the making of their films. Studio screening rooms and film production houses around the globe trust Stewart screen quality to such an extent that it is the industry standard reference material for color balance, details, and textures. Filmmakers know that the secret to achieving the best possible image is to use the very best screen—an Academy Award®-winning, Stewart, projection screen.


Sony 85" 4k HDR TV with 4K AVR and Audio/Visual (equipment rack) tucked away in closet

Feel the beauty of our latest 4K and 8K HDR TVs

Image and sound quality beyond compare

Pairing the brilliance of 4K/8K with the brightness, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range, our beautifully slim line TVs bring every scene to life with extraordinary realism.

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