How Can Window Treatments Help the Environment?

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From coral bleaching to decreasing amounts of freshwater throughout the world, global warming, pollution, and the constant misuse of resources are all damaging the Earth beyond repair. It’s important to stop and ask ourselves: how can we stop this? How can we give back so future generations can live as we have lived? Well, there are many things we can do, from big things like converting to renewable energy to smaller tasks like recycling. One thing you can do that will help the environment is upgrade your window treatments.

How Can Window Treatments Help the Environment?

One environmental issue that is dramatically affecting the Earth is the use of fossil fuels. Accessing and consuming fossil fuels both have negative impacts on the environment; causing pollution, destroying habitats, and so on. So, when it comes to electricity, the outcome is no different. While using electricity generally doesn’t use fossil fuels, generating electricity does.

Window treatments help because they allow you to use less electricity in two ways. First, they give you more temperature control in your home. They do this by effectively blocking the sun’s rays and reducing the amount of heat that transfers through the window, redirecting it outside instead of into your home. They also help you to rely more on natural lighting than artificial lights. This means you can run your air conditioner less in the summer and don’t have to turn on so many lights during the day, saving you money and energy at the end of the day.

What Kind of Window Treatments Are Available?

The window treatments in your home don’t have to be bulky, hard to use, or visually unappealing. In fact, you can even find some that roll down easily at the push of the button. Rolling shades make it easy to control the lighting and temperature of your home while also looking stylish and sleek. At Caldwell Electrical Contractors Inc., we install automated, motorized window treatments that can instantly cool your home and darken a room. Our window treatments come with a quiet motor, so you can open and close them without having to worry about it being too noisy.

We also carry Lutron Shades, which have a quiet EDU motor and open and close depending on where the sun is positioned in the sky. These shades help you keep your home the temperature you want.

Installing New Window Treatments

When installed correctly, window treatments allow you to give back to the environment and make your home more comfortable. Caldwell Electrical Contractors, Inc. in El Paso can install window treatments in your home. Call us today to learn more!