Why Residential & Commercial Security Systems Matter Now More Than Ever

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In recent months, you may have seen news segments about people posing as professionals needing to enter a home—everything from electricians to repair personal and home inspectors. The video footage shown in these segments was captured by high-tech security cameras, which vividly show that these “so-called” professionals are actually attempting to break and enter into the home. If you don’t currently have a security system installed on your property, these segments can certainly evoke the urgency to get one. Could … Read More

Experience the Luxury of Surround Sound

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Sony 4K Private Home Theater Projector

Is there anything better than feeling immersed in a movie? The rush of the hero fighting for mankind and the thrill of explosions can be brought straight into your home with surround sound. Having quality speakers in your home will help enhance any form of entertainment you already have going on. Caldwell can help you achieve the best entertainment experience in your home. These speakers are not only a luxury but are a gateway to better living. Superior Sound Surround … Read More

5 Ways Smart Lighting Makes Things More Convenient

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As technology continues to advance, we are gifted with new ways to make our lives easier. From being able to adjust the thermostat from our smartphones to electric cars that may one day help us reverse the damage fossil fuels have done to our planet, technology has helped us to improve everything from everyday tasks to large-scale projects. Another great innovation is smart lighting. Smart lighting allows us to adjust the lights in our homes from smartphones, utilize technology to … Read More

Use Lighting to Update Your Home

Ken CaldwellEl Paso Tx, Outdoor Lighting

One easy and cheap way to update your home is to change your outdoor lighting. Your home may look beautiful during the day, but what about at night? Even the nicest home can’t be seen in the dark. Outdoor lighting is a way to ensure that your home is viewed the way it should even at night. Having the proper lighting helps to accentuate specific focal points of your home, and it can help provide extra safety to your home … Read More

Go Green This Summer With Window Treatments and More!

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If we take a look around us, we’ll see just how many ways we can help benefit the Earth. From recycling to using reusable shopping bags and coffee cups, there are many steps we can take to going green, especially around our house. Caldwell Electrical Contractors can help you turn your home green so you can give back to our home planet. These tips can take your home to the next level. Tip #1: Smart Lighting Are you like us … Read More

Smart Lighting is the Future of Your Home

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If you are interesting in creating ambience as well as increasing your energy efficiency, smart lighting should be your next home improvement. The luxury and convenience will take your lighting to the next level. At Caldwell Electrical Contractors Inc., we utilize Lutron Lighting Control systems, the leader in smart home products. Expert installation matched with quality products will deliver the results you are looking for. What Exactly is Smart Lighting? Smart lighting is a customizable system Caldwell Electrical Contractors Inc. … Read More

How Can Window Treatments Help the Environment?

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From coral bleaching to decreasing amounts of freshwater throughout the world, global warming, pollution, and the constant misuse of resources are all damaging the Earth beyond repair. It’s important to stop and ask ourselves: how can we stop this? How can we give back so future generations can live as we have lived? Well, there are many things we can do, from big things like converting to renewable energy to smaller tasks like recycling. One thing you can do that … Read More

Staying Safe During the Holidays With Outdoor Lighting

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When burglars find a home or business they want to burglarize, there are only a few things that can deter them from going through with the burglary. One thing you should know about burglars is that statistics show they choose places with the most opportunity and the least number of deterrents. That being said, if you want to protect your home, there are many things you want to do so your home is layered with protection, including outdoor lighting. Outdoor … Read More

Going Green With the Right Window Treatments

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Do you know how much energy the average household uses on a monthly basis? Well, the average American uses about 911 kilowatt hours a month. This costs them about $114 a month. Kilowatt hours are used to measure units of energy, so they can illustrate just how much energy a month one might use. The state of Texas uses about 1,158 kilowatt hours a month, well above average. You may be thinking this is because Texas is so huge and … Read More

Getting Creative With Outdoor Lighting

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You spend a lot of time maintaining your home’s landscaping. From planting flowers to trimming bushes, you do a lot to make it look nice, but what’s the point if it essentially disappears at night once darkness falls? With outdoor lighting, you can keep your home illuminated, showing off your landscaping even at night. There are actually many ways to get creative with outdoor lighting. Here are some of our favorites. Idea #1: Landscape Lighting First and foremost, work with … Read More