Qolsys and Alarm.com both win big at the Electronic Security Expo on June 4th 2019

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Qolsys IQ2 Plus Security Panel Qolsys was awarded the prestigious TechVision Challenge, presented at the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) 2019 in Indianapolis, IN. The “Best in Show” award was earned during a “shark-tank” style presentation to a panel of industry experts. The IQ Panel 2 Plus also captured an innovation award which distinguishes innovation and excellence in the industry and recognizes next-gen products and services that offer significant opportunity for industry growth. Qolsys has won this award before for their … Read More

Caldwell is working with home builders to offer Home Automation-Smart Home Security Systems.

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Home Builders are adding Smart Home Security Systems to their homes to meet buyers expectations. Caldwell Electrical has been expanding our Smart Home–Security Alarm Systems by offering packages to local Home Builders. Home Builders like Arista Development, Red Cliff Homes, KT Homes, D.R Horton, Classic Heritage to name a few are offering their customers a Standard package that includes a Smart Home System, Security devices, Smart Locks, Smart Lighting, Door Bell Cameras and more. Home buyers today expect new homes … Read More

Home security systems.

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Thieves use replay attacks to defeat home security systems. Using encrypted security devices like S-Line or Power G devices will prevent replay attacks* on your home security system or Smart Home Security System. WHAT IS S-LINE?(Patent pending, S-Line stands for “Secure-Line”) S-Line Sensors utilize an advanced encryption scheme between the sensor and the IQ Panel 2 to ensure that sensor event transmissions are always unique, preventing and eliminating common replay attacks*. At the time of pairing, S-Line technology passes a … Read More

Busy Times In Albuquerque, NM

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Caldwell Electric on Site at a new Home Sub-Division doing a residential prewire for Smart Home Security Systems, distributed Network and Audio/Video. Each of the homes Caldwell Electric is providing prewire for D.R. Horton in Albuquerque Nm will get a Qolsys Panel, Door Bell Camera, Kwickset Smart Lock, Z-Wave Smart light dimmer, Honeywell Z-Wave thermostat and Alexa. Each house is also wired for cameras in front and back.. Want a Smart Home Security System? Feel Free to contact us today … Read More

The Luxury and Convenience of Smart Home Systems

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Smart home systems have grown in popularity over the years, and for good reason. With so many options in automation, there is plenty of convenience and power to make the home more comfortable and safe. When it comes to these new smart home options, there is very little limit as to what is available. Imagine if you will that you can pull out your phone or tablet and control your lighting, home security, entertainment, kitchen, air conditioning, heating and more. … Read More

Why Smart Home Systems are Gadgets of the Future

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Just about a decade ago, the idea of smart home systems sounded out of this world. Nowadays, people all over the world are implementing smart home systems into their homes. A smart home system essentially unifies all of the appliances and electronics in your home, making them accessible from a central location, such as your cellphone or the internet. So if you’re worried you left the oven on, you can turn it off at the touch of a button–even if … Read More

Benefits of Smart Home Systems

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Many people these days are experiencing the benefits of making their home eco-friendly, technologically savvy, and supportive of a healthy lifestyle through the use of smart home systems. Are you curious about how smart home systems can improve your house? Keep scrolling to find out more! Smart Home Systems Keep Us From Worrying Have you ever left the house and then spent hours wondering whether or not you turned the coffee pot off? Do you sometimes feel the need to … Read More