LED Lighting

LED Lighting Retrofit for Businesses in El Paso, TX and Albuquerque, NM

Caldwell Electrical has been servicing our customers lighting needs for over 4 decades now. With offices in El Paso, Tx and Albuquerque, NM we service southwest Texas and all of New Mexico.

Caldwell installing new LED area lights
LED High Bay Lights in warehouse

LED Area-Pole Lights

LED Flood Lights

LED Wall Packs

LED Canopy-Parking Garage

Light Poles and Accessories

LED Bollards

LED Post Top Lights

LED Sign Retrofits

LED High-Low Bay

LED Vapor Tight Lights

LED Wrap Around

LED Lay-In/Troffer

LED Can-Down Lights

LED Linear Lights

LED Tape Lights

LED Cooler Retrofits

What can a LED Lighting Retrofit do for you?

Most customers save an average of 65% off their lighting energy usage by converting to LED.
Want to save even more?
Caldwell will provide a free lighting audit to analyze energy usage, existing lighting technology, usage hours and lighting coverage to provide a recommendation of LED system to use, overall new energy usage to provide you a complete ROI report. In addition we will work with PNM or El Paso Electric to provide you the best rebate (incentive) available for your upgrade. Caldwell uses DLC and Energy Star compliant fixtures and bulbs to insure you qualify for the maximum rebate.
Caldwell retrofitting a Pole Light
New LED Wall Pack being installed by Caldwell
LED Area-Pole Lights

LED Area-Pole Lights

Metal poles for pole lights

Metal Poles for Area Lights

Classic LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Pack

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Light

LED Parking Garage Light

LED Parking Garage Light

LED Canopy Light

LED Canopy Light

LED Bollard

LED Bollard Light

LED Pole Top Light

LED Pole Top Light

LED High-Low Bay Light

LED High-Low Bay Light

LED Vapor Proof Light

LED Vapor Proof Light

LED Wrap around Light

LED Wrap Around Light

LED Hanging Linear Light

LED Linear Light

LED Edge Lit Troffer

LED Edge Lit Troffer

LED 2x4 or 2x2 Troffer

LED Decorative Troffer

LED Down-Can Light

LED Can Light-Down Light Retrofit

LED Exit Sign with Frog Eyes

LED Exit Signs

LED Cooler Lights

LED Cooler Bulb Replacement

LED Sign Light Bulbs

LED Sign Light HO Bulb Replacement

LED Box Sign Lights

LED Box Sign Light Retrofit

LED Tape Lights

LED Tape Light