Getting Creative With Outdoor Lighting

Ken CaldwellEl Paso Tx, Outdoor Lighting

You spend a lot of time maintaining your home’s landscaping. From planting flowers to trimming bushes, you do a lot to make it look nice, but what’s the point if it essentially disappears at night once darkness falls? With outdoor lighting, you can keep your home illuminated, showing off your landscaping even at night. There are actually many ways to get creative with outdoor lighting. Here are some of our favorites.

Idea #1: Landscape Lighting

First and foremost, work with your landscaping. You want the outdoor lighting design to illuminate your garden and flowers and trees and not so much empty spaces that aren’t otherwise used as walkways. You can have lights shine down on your rose bushes or create a lighted pathway leading up to your door, illuminating your lawn as the lights make a trail up to your front porch. Either way, it’s yours to get creative with.

Idea #2: Add a Pop of Color

You don’t have to go with just white lighting. You can add a pop of color if you’d like. We can also layer the lighting so it makes the natural color of your landscaping pop at night. However we do it, outdoor lighting will breathe new color into your landscaping that otherwise wouldn’t have been there in the dark.

Idea #3: Pool Lighting

Swimming in the dark is one of our favorite pastimes, but it’s way cooler when you have lights installed in your pool. Not only can pool lights make swimming in the dark safer, it can also illuminate your pool in different colors, giving it a retro feeling.

Idea #4: Stay Safe

While getting creative is fun, outdoor lighting can also make your home safer. You can use it to illuminate dark areas outside your home, including where you store your trash bins and the pathway from your driveway to your front door. You can also use the lighting to make potential burglars think your home, even if you’re not. We also offer smart lighting services, so you can turn your indoor and outdoor lighting on and off when you’re away on vacation or for the evening. Overall, this will make your home safer and less of a target for burglars.

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