Go Green This Summer With Window Treatments and More!

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If we take a look around us, we’ll see just how many ways we can help benefit the Earth. From recycling to using reusable shopping bags and coffee cups, there are many steps we can take to going green, especially around our house. Caldwell Electrical Contractors can help you turn your home green so you can give back to our home planet. These tips can take your home to the next level.

Tip #1: Smart Lighting

Are you like us and leave your lights on when you leave at night? A great deterrent to thieves and vandals alike, this is a great way to give off the illusion that someone is home. But is it the green way?

Not necessarily. While using electricity isn’t harmful to the Earth, generating electricity is. Smart lighting can help alleviate the issue without alerting burglars that your home is up for grabs. For one, it gives you the option of dimming the lights, which can save electricity without having to turn your lights off completely. Smart lighting systems also often come with motion sensitive lighting, which turns on when motion is detected outside your home, which can also deter burglars without having to leave the lights on altogether. A smart lighting system will allow you to take control of your lighting and give back to mother nature.

Tip #2: Refrigerated Air Conditioning

It seems like everyone nowadays is switching to refrigerated air conditioning—and with good reason! Refrigerated air is more efficient and affordable, and has great benefits for the environment. They typically use less energy, so whether you need to keep cool during the summer or warm during the winter, you can be confident in knowing you’re helping the Earth as well.

Tip #3: New Windows

If it’s been years since you’ve had your windows replaced, now is the time! New windows can reduce the number of UV rays that enter your home, reduce the amount of cool air lost during the summer and warm air lost during the winter, and improve circulation. This will help you run your air conditioner less, saving both electricity and energy.

Tip #4: Window Treatments: Motorized Shading

Sometimes it feels like we run the air conditioner all day and still find no relief from El Paso’s hot sun. Window treatments such as motorized shading help keep the sun out of your home, keeping it cooler and requiring you to run the air conditioner and fans less, so you can save energy.

Window Treatments from Caldwell Electrical Contractors

At Caldwell Electrical Contractors, we’re dedicated to helping people go green and protect this beautiful planet. Call us today to learn more about our window treatments and electrical services!