PNM wants to PAY you for Energy Saving LED Lighting.

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Lighting Retrofit done for Arca

Caldwell Electrical providing LED Lighting Retrofits for interior and exterior in New Mexico.

Caldwell Electrical, A PNM authorized contractor will handle all aspects of your lighting upgrade. You receive all the benefits.

 With over 42 years’ experience, Caldwell will provide in a timely manner the best products while securing the highest rebate amounts and ROI.

Please allow Caldwell to provide a free, no obligation lighting audit to show you how much savings you can achieve with better LED lighting.

PNM is paying more in 2020 than any other year so far for customers taking advantage of the rebate programs for their LED Lighting Upgrades.

Rebates are available for both interior and exterior lighting upgrades. For most customers, outside lighting (dusk to dawn) have a burn rate of 84 hours a week and qualify for a much larger rebate. Normal interior hours of 55hrs a week is standard, however businesses with extended hours can really benefit as the PNM rebate and ROI will be better with the extra burn hours.

PNM Quick Saver Program for Lighting Upgrades.

One-stop savings for small businesses with an assessment, instant incentives and professional installation

With the Quick Saver Program, PNM makes it quick and easy for small business accounts to save energy and reduce electric bills by making lighting and refrigeration retrofit upgrades.

Join hundreds of other small businesses that are saving energy and enjoying reduced electric bills.

·  Business customers on the Small Power rate automatically qualify for PNM Quick Saver.

·  PNM business customers on General Power rates with a maximum monthly peak demand of 200 kW per meter, based on the last 12 months of billing history, qualify for PNM Quick Saver.

A PNM Authorized Quick Saver Contractor does an onsite energy assessment to identify energy-saving opportunities and presents a proposal to you.

If you approve the proposal, the contractor files the necessary paperwork with PNM and installs the new equipment.

On average, PNM pays 65 percent or more* of the project costs directly to the contractor. You pay the balance. Customers are typically able to recover the costs through energy savings in less than a year.

PNM Retrofit Rebates Program: Over 200KW Usage

Prescriptive rebates (selected from a pre-set menu of common retrofit measures) are for installing qualifying equipment in new and existing buildings, which include:

·       Energy-Efficient Lighting

(Interior and exterior/dusk-to-dawn/12-hour operation)

  • LED lamps and fixtures
  • LED, T8 and T5 lamps replacing HID
  • Occupancy sensors and daylighting sensor controls
  • LED fixture controls
  • Linear fluorescent to linear fluorescent replacements no longer qualifies.

More Info on PNM LED Lighting Retrofit Programs.

The start of the 2020 year for LED Lighting upgrades/retrofits has shown PNM is continually increasing the rebate funds available and this year has increased the rebate amounts for PNM customers. This is a free rebate for all who qualifies and most customers do qualify for a PNM Lighting Rebate.
Caldwell Albuquerque is the premier LED Lighting Retrofit contractor who will listen to your needs and provide the best lighting solutions and highest rebates while using the best products. Products include Sylvania, Halco, Satco, Light Efficient Design, Philips and many more.

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