Quality Smart Home System Installation in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, & Rio Rancho, NM or El Paso, TX

Smart Home Using One App!

by Caldwell

One App Controls All Your Smart Home Devices.

Home Security

Hi-Resolution Doorbell Camera

Smart Electronic Locks

Smart Garage Door Controller

Smart Lighting Control

Hi-Resolution Cameras

Distributed Audio

Smart Sprinkler System

Alexa-Google Voice Control


Smart Home Systems

A Smart Home System Keeping You Safe And Secure.

Home security is taken seriously with built in dual path communications via WiFi and Cellular, encrypted security devices, patented smash and crash, panel and security devices supervision, disarm photo's with facial recognition and more. Learn More.

Security System app using alarm dot com
Qolsys Security System by Caldwell

Smart Locks Secure Your Home And So Much More.

Ease your mind knowing your home is protected, home or away. Automation rules can lock or unlock your doors. Scenes can secure your house at night. Alerts can let you know the door was left unlocked. Notifications let you know when and who unlocked the door. Make your home secure without the hassle.

Security System lock screen
Kwickset Z-Wave Lock-Smart Home
Smart Lock for Smart Home System

Door Bell Cameras Take The Surprise Out of Who's At The Door

See who's at the door and talk with the visitor from your smart home panel, smart phone or tablet from anywhere. Answer and unlock the door from the kitchen or at the office for the sister in law. Turn on the porch lights when someone approaches your door. See when the package was delivered. Leave the door locked and answer securely!


Be In Control Of Your Climate With A Smart Thermostat, And Save Money!

With a smart thermostat connected to your smart home, you can live in comfort while saving money. With set schedules your thermostat will set temp for bedtime, leaving for the day, returning home or a quick adjustment per scene like good morning. Have settings adjust using geofence or using the app as you return home early on a hot day.

one app controls your smart home
alarm dot com smart thermostat
z-wave thermostat for smart home

Smart Lighting Makes Life Easier With Added  Security

Let your smart home help you control your lighting. Set automation rules such as front outside lights turn on at sunset to 100%, then dim down to 50% at 11pm till dawn when they turn off. Or have front porch light turn on when doorbell camera detects someone at the door. Caldwell Electrical can install smart light switches, 3/4-way switches, dimmers, fixtures or help with designing your lighting system.

control all automated lighting with smart home
z-wave light dimmer for smart home
lutron Caseta system working on smart home system

Smart Home Cameras Are Really Smart.

Smart Home Cameras are Hi-Definition Megapixel cameras that work with your smart home. Get real time notification when motion is detected and with video analytics notifications and recording rules are set for detection of Person, Vehicle or Animal. Set rules to ignore animals for pets in back yard, or set trigger line for front drive way. With smart home cameras you always have an eye on your home no mater where you are.

smart home camera system using wifi cameras
Smart security camera
hi-resolution Security Camera

Want to see your security cameras on your own TV?

Connect your generation 4 Apple 4k TV or Fire TV to your cameras to view 4 home security cameras at one time. With the use of Apple TV or Fire TV you can turn your TV into a security monitor and check your camera views from the convenience of your sofa.

apple tv displaying security cameras
Amazon Fire TV displaying security cameras

Smart garage door controllers for smart home

Smart home garage door controllers making your home more secure and giving you peace of mind. Know when your garage door is open or closed. Control your garage door controller remotely or get notifications when you leave the door open too long or if you left home with the door left open. Pair a garage door controller with an indoor camera and allow delivery personnel to leave packages in the garage keeping them out of harms way.

smart home garage door app
lifmaster smart home garage door hub
GoControl garage door controller

Smart sprinkler-irrigation control

With the integration of a smart sprinkler controller to your smart home system, you can easily turn off and on zones to water, set schedules or get notified if there's a zone shut down due to a leak. Have a green yard while saving money. Smart sprinkler systems even know if rain is occurring at your exact location and will automatically shut off watering.

Smart home sprinkler system
Rachio 3 sprinkler system with flow valve
Amazon Alexa Dot Dock unit