Staying Safe During the Holidays With Outdoor Lighting

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When burglars find a home or business they want to burglarize, there are only a few things that can deter them from going through with the burglary. One thing you should know about burglars is that statistics show they choose places with the most opportunity and the least number of deterrents. That being said, if you want to protect your home, there are many things you want to do so your home is layered with protection, including outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting often seems like an unnecessary accessory for your home, but it can actually improve your safety. Having lights outdoors can ward off burglars, help you be more aware of your surroundings—and the animals that may live there, and provide you and your guests a lighted path from your car to the doorway.

Ward Off Intruders and Burglars

In an article published by the Guardian, burglars admitted to being deterred by a few things, while letting other attempted deterrents slide. These things include barking dogs, CCTV, and automatic lighting. Put yourself in a burglar’s shoes. Imagine staking out a house you want to burglarize and finally making your way onto the property—after careful planning and consideration, of course—only to be blinded by automatic outdoor lighting detecting your movements and turning on full blast. It’d probably scare you and cause you to fall back on your plan, right? Outdoor lighting, whether automatic or standard, is one of the best ways to keep intruders and burglars at bay. From giving off the illusion of you being home to catching them off guard, outdoor lighting can improve your safety.

Stay Protected While on Vacation

If you travel out of town often, outdoor lighting can be especially helpful. While it may seem like a waste of electricity to leave your lights on while out of town, doing this can help ensure that burglars know to stay away. Some burglars can be crafty, using your social media profiles and staking out your house for days before attacking to see when you will be home. Outdoor lights can give off the illusion that you’re still home even if you’re not, or that your home has a security system that will notify police, making it safer and better protected.

Become Aware of Your Surroundings

Outdoor lighting can also help with more than just burglars. With El Paso’s mild winters, you never know what critter or larger animal is creeping around your home at night. Outdoor lighting gives you more visibility, so nothing will catch you by surprise.

Outdoor Lighting from Caldwell Electrical Contractors

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