5 Ways Smart Lighting Makes Things More Convenient

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As technology continues to advance, we are gifted with new ways to make our lives easier. From being able to adjust the thermostat from our smartphones to electric cars that may one day help us reverse the damage fossil fuels have done to our planet, technology has helped us to improve everything from everyday tasks to large-scale projects. Another great innovation is smart lighting. Smart lighting allows us to adjust the lights in our homes from smartphones, utilize technology to … Read More

The Luxury and Convenience of Smart Home Systems

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Smart home systems have grown in popularity over the years, and for good reason. With so many options in automation, there is plenty of convenience and power to make the home more comfortable and safe. When it comes to these new smart home options, there is very little limit as to what is available. Imagine if you will that you can pull out your phone or tablet and control your lighting, home security, entertainment, kitchen, air conditioning, heating and more. … Read More

Go Green This Summer With Window Treatments and More!

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If we take a look around us, we’ll see just how many ways we can help benefit the Earth. From recycling to using reusable shopping bags and coffee cups, there are many steps we can take to going green, especially around our house. Caldwell Electrical Contractors can help you turn your home green so you can give back to our home planet. These tips can take your home to the next level. Tip #1: Smart Lighting Are you like us … Read More

What Can Electrical Contractors Do for You?

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Sure, electrical contractors can help you with all of the basics; short circuits, damaged fuse boxes, power outages, rewiring, and more. But the best electrical contractors can help you transform your home with electrical innovations. At Caldwell Electrical Contractors, we can help you upgrade your home in a number of ways. Here’s how. Smart Home Systems Nowadays, there’s nothing our phones and computers can’t do, so why can’t our homes be the same? Electrical contractors can install smart home systems … Read More