Why Residential & Commercial Security Systems Matter Now More Than Ever

Ken CaldwellEl Paso Tx, Residential & Commercial Security Systems

In recent months, you may have seen news segments about people posing as professionals needing to enter a home—everything from electricians to repair personal and home inspectors. The video footage shown in these segments was captured by high-tech security cameras, which vividly show that these “so-called” professionals are actually attempting to break and enter into the home. If you don’t currently have a security system installed on your property, these segments can certainly evoke the urgency to get one. Could you imagine if these cameras did not capture the footage? Luckily, the outcome in most of these scenarios was the homeowner on the other end speaking through an intercom telling the person to leave their property and that the authorities were on their way.

The safety of your home and business is a significant priority for the team here at Caldwell, which is why specialize in residential & commercial security systems. We are long gone from the days of leaving our front door unlocked or giving our neighbors a key to our home. While some of us may be fortunate to live in communities with that type of hospitality, for the rest of us, the reality is that theft is on the rise.

Why is Theft on Home Property on the Rise?

For one, people are placing more online orders. It is estimated that 65% of burglaries take place between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., which is when the majority of people are at work. It is also when a lot of packages arrive at front doorsteps. Burglars know this. They are well aware of the prime times to steal packages. With Christmas and other major holidays right around the corner, they will be scoping out which homes are perfect targets. Burglars are most attracted to homes that do not have a security system. Could you imagine what Home Alone would have been like if the McCallisters had a residential security camera? The movie quite frankly wouldn’t have lasted more than 30 minutes.

Are Commercial Properties High Targets as Well?   

Commercial properties have unfortunately always been susceptible to theft. From stealing clothing in broad daylight to breaking and entering in the middle of the night— unfortunately, these crimes are not new. One thing that is changing—the people behind them are getting smarter and more creative. Just like home burglars, commercial property thieves are also scoping out properties for security cameras. It’s estimated that 83% of those who choose to rob a business do so because they didn’t see a security alarm or camera installed. But going back to point of being smarter and more creative, burglars have found ways to cut off the cords of less advanced security systems since cords are within reach. If you’re a small business owner, any setback can take months or even years to recover. You want to arm your place of business with an advanced commercial security system that gives you peace of mind!

What Caldwell Has to Offer in Residential & Commercial Security Systems

At Caldwell, our commitment to keeping your home and place of business secure means that you can be confident in all of the security systems we install. As a smart home system contractor, not only will your residential & commercial security systems be easy to use but they will be installed using the most precise attention to detail because those details matter when it comes to security. For example, if there’s a certain area of your home that your current system doesn’t capture, we’ll be sure to find a way to secure it. The same goes for your business. We will assess all areas where a potential break-in could occur and will recommend the placement of a camera, which can monitor it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our security systems include alarm systems, camera systems, doorbell cameras, door locks, lighting control, and more. Connect with us today to secure your home or place of business!